SC Lowy is a leading trading and investment firm.

Pioneers with origins in trading and investing in distressed bonds, loans and trade claims in the Asia-Pacific, SC Lowy today offers a global, full-service fixed income secondary trading platform across a range of products.

Our reputation has been built by taking the long-term view with clients and bringing together our sales, trading, research and operations teams to deliver best-in-class service and execution.

We are independent, which is important to clients who want new ideas and a point of view without ties to competing agendas institutionalized at many of our competitors. Our research analysts dive deep, our sourcing network is well-developed, and our trading and back office capabilities are about excellence in execution. These attributes have vaulted SC Lowy to top marketplace positions today in Asia and Australia.

Expanding our Hong Kong platform, our London office started by focusing exclusively on supporting our European clients with Asia-Pacific sales and trading. It now offers clients European fixed income trading and investment opportunities supported by a European focused trading and research team.

The SC Lowy difference.

  • A global market maker and provider of liquidity around the clock
  • A full-service platform, including dedicated research desks in Hong Kong and London
  • A senior team, veterans with more than 60 years of combined experience in Asia and Europe
  • Client relationships that have been built and maintained over decades
  • A track record of completing complex, hard-to-execute transactions
  • With confidentiality as a core value

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Our values shape the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the way in which we do business.

  • Disciplined: we apply our careful and exhaustive approach for every illiquid opportunity, with the knowledge that no two opportunities are the same;
  • Determined: From sourcing to analysis to execution, our team delivers results on every opportunity we pursue;
  • Proactive: Our sourcing and sales forces have the deepest and broadest relationships and actively pursue valuable illiquid opportunities;
  • Diverse: SC Lowy encourages a collaborative approach to every opportunity, with emphasis on creative and unconventional solutions to create liquidity;
  • Entrepreneurial: SC Lowy's professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a shared sense of commitment and an optimistic approach to every opportunity.



A globally-connected firm with a unique approach to illiquid assets.

SC Lowy is unique in its approach to investment opportunities. Our proven sourcing, analytics and transaction expertise is built around the following features:

  • A dedicated origination team of experienced, on-the-ground professionals with deep local sourcing relationships that have been nurtured over many years;
  • In-house research and investment professionals that analyze financial information, legal and operational issues, and industry and market trends to identify value and assess the risk of each specific investment opportunity;
  • A globally-connected sales force with unrivalled insight and industry knowledge on illiquid opportunities;
  • A dedicated balance sheet to provide liquidity and manage risk; and
  • Rigorous legal and compliance processes combined with strong operational infrastructure that ensure best-in-class execution and risk minimization for our clients.