Entrepreneurial fixed income specialist poses fierce challenge to bulge-bracket complacency

Hong Kong – 21 October 2014 – SC Lowy, an independent fixed-income specialist with full investment bank capabilities, announced that today it celebrates five years of great success and robust growth in trading and investment banking. With trading volumes at US$5.4bn in 2014, it has become a market leader in secondary loan trading in Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, a top-ten Asian high-yield bond trader, and a successful entrant into DCM, with an expanding presence in Europe. 

“We have proved that a committed group of financial leaders can smash the barriers to entry presented by the bulge-bracket banks,” says co-founder and CEO Michel Löwy.

“We see our strength as a bellwether alternative to the status quo in the fixed income market,” he adds, “and a signal that underserved companies need a better type of investment banking capability.”

SC Lowy’s founders exited top investment banking positions to found the company in 2009, amid the worst months of the Global Financial Crisis. Löwy partnered with Soo Cheon Lee, his colleague at Deutsche Bank and Cargill for almost 15 years, and the two set out to provide a fixed income alternative in a changing market.

“We had a lot of naysayers when we first set up this business in 2009,” recalls Löwy.

“In this tight-knit market we knew it would be tough to succeed where others had failed. Ultimately, by sticking to our principles and our instincts, leveraging our strong balance sheet responsibly and intelligently, and pouring unprecedented resources into bottom-up independent research, we proved that a needed exception can thrive.

“Creating this company was, no question, the best decision in my professional life. But our work has just begun.” 

In its fifth year, SC Lowy has intensified its global reach, with the award-winning Korea Line Debtor-In-Possession (DIP) financing and the acquisition of Shinmin Mutual Savings Bank, becoming one of the few foreign businesses to be granted a banking license in Korea. 

SC Lowy is replicating its Asian success in Europe with the expansion of its London office, with full research capability. As part of the firm’s growth strategy, Partner and Head of Sourcing David Beckett, is relocating to London this week, further demonstrating its commitment to the European market. In September, Global Finance magazine named SC Lowy as Best DCM provider for its Stars of China 2014 awards.

Source: Business Wire

SC Lowy自立门户五周年,交易量创新高


香港–(BUSINESS WIRE)– (美国商业资讯)–拥有全方位投资银行业务能力的固定收益产品投资服务机构SC Lowy今天宣布庆祝公司成立五周年,公司业绩斐然,交易量和投资银行业务均取得长足增长。公司于2014年的交易量达到54亿美元,在亚洲、中东和澳大 利亚成为二级贷款市场交易的龙头公司,是亚洲十大高息债券交易商,并且成功打进债务资本市场,在欧洲的市场份额也不断扩大。

公司共同创始人兼行政总裁Michel Löwy说:“我们证明了一群努力不懈的金融界领袖可以冲破大型投资银行设置的门槛。”

“我们认为,我们有能力成为改变固定收益产品市场现状的一个新方向。” 他补充说,“并且发出一个信息:那些得不到周到服务的公司需要更优秀的投资银行服务。”

SC Lowy的创始人于2009年放弃在投资银行的高薪厚职自立门户,当时正值环球金融危机的最艰难月份。Löwy与他在德意志银行和嘉吉公司共事差不多15年的李秀天 (Soo Cheon Lee) 携手并肩,在当时风云变幻的市场环境中提供另一种固定收益产品的选择。

“我们在2009年创业的时候有很多反对声音。” Löwy回想道。



开业五年,SC Lowy正在加快向全球拓展业务,其中包括得奖的Korea Line破产保护企业(DIP)融资和收购Shinmin Savings Bank,成为少数获发韩国银行牌照的外国企业之一。SC Lowy正在欧洲复制其在亚洲的成功经验,在伦敦开设了拥有全面投资研究能力的办事处。SC Lowy于九月被《环球金融》(Global Finance) 杂志选为其“2014年中国之星” (Stars of China) 奖项中的最佳债务资本市场服务提供者。

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